Manifesting America's Next 100 Years

The capitol building reflected in rippled water for a dreamy effect.
Kendall Hoopes via Pexels

Today is the election. I hope that by the end of the day we have something to be optimistic about; until then, to keep the stress and anxiety and powerlessness at bay, I’m doing an exercise. 

It’s time to leave the “I’m not very political” safe-house that I should have left years ago. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always voted, and voted progressively. But if the last four years have taught me anything, it’s that politics isn’t something you can compartmentalize. As long as politics is used to separate families, cage children, disenfranchise voters, steal elections, pack federal courts, criminalize poverty, quell protests, embezzle public money, and deny climate change, my habit of keeping my views private is, at best, immoral.

In my wildest dreams, this is what America has accomplished in her next 100 years. It’s what I’m voting for.

A More Inclusive, Democratic Political System

  • Elections are publicly funded
  • Mail-in voting is the standard
  • A four party system has emerged, in which today’s Democrats are the center left, today’s Republicans are the far right, and there’s room for a progressive left and a conservative right
  • Voter suppression tactics are outlawed
  • Primary voting is ranked-choice
  • Puerto Rico is a state (and we have a new flag!)
  • The Electoral College has been dismantled
  • The Supreme Court is 11 seats and new appointees face a 25-year term limit

Equitable Social and Economic Opportunity

  • A restorative reparations program has been instituted for Black slavery and Native American genocide, bridging the racial wealth gap.
  • Childcare and Pre-Kindergarten are free for all.
  • The healthcare industry has been replaced by taxpayer-funded universal healthcare 
  • There’s a more proportional tax on extreme wealth that pays for expanded social programs
  • Military funding has been reduced
  • Police forces nationwide have been demilitarized, defunded, and are subject to strict civilian oversight
  • Our borders are open and we offer a fair path to citizenship for migrants, especially those seeking asylum
  • Rights to marriage and non-discrimination protections for the LGBTQIA+ community have been codified and upheld by the Supreme Court
  • For-profit prisons have been abolished
  • We’ve guaranteed government-build housing as a human right
  • Marijuana has been decriminalized and past convictions have been expunged

Progress in Infrastructure and Climate Change

  • We’ve fully transitioned to zero-emission energy sources while providing millions of unionized jobs in clean energy (a.k.a. the Green New Deal)
  • We’ve build an affordable, cross-country high speed rail system
  • High-speed internet is now a free public utility
  • Taxes are being actively reinvested in the infrastructure and cultural economy of marginalized communities