Andrew Millen Portfolio

Hybrid UI/UX designer and front-end developer specializing in design systems

Design Systems

Designing for Scale


In my first year at OfficeSpace Software, I led multiple designers and developers in the process of building a design system where none existed, unlocking new sales segments, tripling development velocity, and setting up a bright future for the 15-year-old product. Meet Mariposa.

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Designing for Good


How do you make the experience of giving money, food, or aid to a stranger a more effective experience for everyone involved? A Simple Focus client who had worked with Memphis’ unhoused population for years asked us to help him solve that problem.

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Designing for Emerging Technology


Through a series of self-initiated projects, I’ve explored the future of UI beyond the screen, while learning AR, 3D modeling, and interaction design skills.

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Andrew is a uniquely comprehensive designer, and I can't think of anyone more complete in their approach.Travis Graway • Director of Product Design, OfficeSpace Software

Additional Work