Andrew Millen

Sr. Product Designer

Hi! I’m a hybrid UI/UX designer with experience in front-end dev. I specialize in creating precise yet flexible design systems for digital products. Recently, I’ve also been exploring augmented reality interfaces and learning SwiftUI.

An app designed to help you give to asset-deprived people.


‘Better Search UX Through Microcopy’


I wrote about how good copy and a little thoughtfulness can improve the all-important search experience.

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Flags in Code

Side Project

What’s nerdier, loving vexillology or learning clip-path so you can code the flag of the Republic of Seychelles?

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Mobile Cursor for AfterEffects


I built a template in AE that designers can use to overlay a mobile “cursor” over their prototypes. The effect is fully parametric and powered by a script I modified from one found on StackOverflow.

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